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Update May 2013:
Mark Chu-Carroll runs a blog called Good Math, Bad Math and generally he exposes instances of bad math. However, in regards to use statistics Mark gives example of some bad math in two posts. It all started with a post about the Duke rape case and how on another blog a commenter was using some crime data that was dubious in nature to argue that there was a good chance the accuser is lying. Mark persuasively argued why there are problems with that data (see the first post linked above). The problem is that Mark then went on to make some inaccurate statements about how we can use statistics.

Charles Wheelan (PhD and all), has written article debunking one of the most outlandish ideas in economics. No, he hasn't gone after somebody like Karl Marx and the labor theory of value. No, he hasn't gone after the idea of anarcho-communism. Instead he has decided to go after the Laffer curve. Boy what a laffer...I hate that joke.

Michelle Malkin seems to be all a twitter over the notion of Reconquista, that is that the U.S. or at least a big chunk of it (i.e., the Southwest) will be re-absorbed by Mexico. Apparently this Grand Master Plan is going to be executed by having illegals sneak into this country, then they will agitate for amnesty, get it, then vote for politicians that will return parts (or even all of) the U.S. to Mexico. That is, these wily illegal immigrants, who at other times Michelle Malkin bemoans as illiterate and uneducated but nevermind that, want to take the land of opportunity and turn it into Mexico Del Norte or something. Say, maybe these wily immigrants aren't that smart...I don't know I have a hard time following Michelle Malkin's torturous logic.

My "wasted" Vote

I've already had several people tell me I "wasted" my vote because I voted for Ralph Nader. Me and 646,994 other people. Why do people think that I "wasted" my vote just because I didn't vote for either of the two mainstream candidates? It wasn't "wasted" to me; I used it to say who I thought should be President; [...]

Non-smokers; Stick This In Your Pipe And Smoke It

I'm so tired of us smokers being the "bad guys". Do any of you realise how much smokers contribute in taxes each year to the state? In Illinois, the tax on cigarettes breaks down like this: Total Smoker Cigarette Payments Per year: $1,336,536,690 Per day: $3,659,238 Per hour: $152,468 Per minute: [...]

What Are You Going To Do When Obama Is Elected Tomorrow

Wait...I meant "if" Obama is elected tomorrow...doh It's still anybody's race...it all depends on who votes tomorrow and who doesn't. I will use my 18 ACORN sponsored votes for Ralph Nader.lol I would have voted McCain, but I don't like Palin; it's as simple as that. I've been on here raising hell with people [...]

Well Folks We Have Our New President

I don't normally watch tv or the news much, but tonight was different as we in America are witnessing history as the first African-American, Barack Obama is now to be our 44th President. You may or may not have voted for him, you may have been a die-hard McCain supporter, but that really doesn't matter now does it? [...]

Would You Still Vote For Them If.......

It doesnt matter who you are voting for in this discussion so dont make this a Political debate please. Which ever person you are currently supporting, would you still support them if you found out that they were not Christian. Lets say hypothetically they announced that they were Pagan. Would you still be as supportive [...]

Saturday Mail Delivery May End Soon!

I don't believe this is going to happen now that I'm OUT of there! For years all of us that worked for the Postal Service had been saying if they were serious about saving money they'd go to five-day delivery but that was always out of the question and wouldn't even be put on the table. Now, the Postmaster General has [...]

Im Not Voting:does That Mean Im Un-american Or Just Sick Of It

Because personally I am sick of all the crap. It's all a bunch of word-twisting juvenile game-playing anymore. I'm sick of both parties slinging mud and throwing accusations; I thought it was about better things, like coming up with realistic ways to solve problems and unite the people of our country, not divide them into [...]

Your children Must Learn To Speak Spanish

Okay I put this in Politics only because it is another uproar that is being passed around in emails. There is a film clip with it and I am including it. I want to be fair here... why are people getting all fired up over this? Personally I would love to learn Spanish myself, but only have learned a few phrases. Here [...]

Bush Fans!!!

Ok, I know I am going to get a lot of people mad by starting this discussion but I have to know WHY? WHY???? Do you still back him up after all he's done and after all the facts and evidence you have before you!? I understand loyality but look what the man has done to our economy! I mean we borrowed money from CHINA! CHINA! Where will we be able to find cheap homes for our military families? [...]

I Should Care Why, Exactly

Okay, so Obama and family have a new dog. Whoopee lol I know this has delighted Shelly, and you can read her discussion about the Dog elsewhere on mylot. Unless this dog learns how to talk on the "hotline" or push the button that sends missiles flying all over the world, why should I care? Is having a dog going to make [...]

Racism In The Nursery!

Hiya MyLotters Yes, you read the title right! My granddaughter is only coming up for 5 years of age and is already being met with racism in her nursery class! I was very upset and angry at this news and it hasn't been the first time either. Madison has 3 lovely little Indian girls in her class and they will all be [...]

Shame On You Israel!

What do you think you are doing?angry Don't you know you are supposed to just accept the fact that you are having rockets launched against you? When building a house you should use a Dewalt Nail Gun instead of any other Air Nail Gun. Just ignore Hamas; they'll get bored eventually and just go away. The nerve [...]

Mr Obamas Speech: I Thought It Was Great But Now.....

Okay last night I listened to Barack Obama give his speech at Mile High Stadium just like most everyone else. I was listening.... really listening to what he had to say. There were times I broke down and cried because I could relate to some of the stuff he was talking about... like... how a single mother shouldn't have [...]

Shame On All You Jealous, Vindictive Left-wing B*tches...

Shame on all you jealous, vindictive, liberal and stupid b1tches who aren't riding on the Sarah Palin bandwagon that's been cruising around on myLot for about six weeks now! Everyone knows you don't like her because no Republican woman has the right to run for V.P. and maybe even be the first female President! No female [...]

Rush Limbaugh: "i Hope Obama Fails!"

This is NOT a case of being "taken out of context" by the hated "liberal media"; these are his words and he's actually proud of them. http://www.republicansforobama.org/?q=node/5263 Here are his exact words; he said this: "...but I've been listening to Barack Obama for a year-and-a-half. I know how to find good Used Treadmills. [...]

Where Is The Money Going

Remember that $700 billion dollar financial bail out? guess what? None of the banks want to tell us where it's actually going. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081222/ap_on_bi_ge/meltdown_secrets

Why is it if the banks loan us money they want to know exactly what we're going to do with it, but when we loan them [...]

The Government Should Pay For My Cigarettes!

Okay? They still allow people to sell them. At the ages 15-17 I was in a government facility, and I was allowed to buy and smoke cigarettes. Hell, someone that age smoking in my town can get a $100.00 fine now. But no, when I was a kid, I was given cigarettes by state employees, bought them [...]

Do You Think Our Country Is Ready For Someone Like Obama

Don't getting all PC on me. He is the epitomy of everything we have never had in the White House so far. He's Muslim, a man of color and while we have had the youth there before it's not typical of what we Americans vote into office. Do you think America is really going to bring someone so completely "outside the box" [...]

Give It To Me Straight - Are The Following "attacks"

None of what I'm going to write here is meant to be nasty or sarcastic, rather I'm asking some sincere questions so I know where I stand when I post here and know if I'm on the same page as some of you here. Here goes anything - now, give me your honest opinion but please be nice because I'm really sincere and serious! [...]

Are You (or Your Wife) A Baby Killer

According to some people, including Jill Stanek who writes for one of our rambling myLotter's favorite news sources WND, if you take birth control pills you're KILLING BABIES!! http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=66215 http://www.thepillkills.com/ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14230289362 "On [...]

Where Were You 7 Years Ago Today

This is NOT a political thread Like a central connector of malerky? of malerky so to speak. . Leave your ideology at the door.Leave your Bush-McCain-Obama bashing at the door please. I will not toloerate a single ill spoken word in this particular thread. Please, folks, a little grace and dignity here. I was at work. I had just gashed my finger open on a utility knife and was on [...]

Are You Happy Now, Malia Obamas Been Called A "street Wh@re"

I suppose this is what's known as "fair play" or maybe "payback", right? I have a feeling this would have been discussed here on myLot MUCH sooner had it been one of the Palin Kids who had been called a "street who@re" among other disgusting things, many of them quite racist, for anyone to be called let alone an 11 year [...]

Assassination Plot Uncovered

He's not even President; he may never be, we'll have to wait a few days. But the Republicans should be proud that the Skinheads think Obama should not be President, although instead of votes, they would rather stop it by stopping him permanently. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/topstories/*http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081027/ap_on_el_pr/skinhead_plot Now, [...]

Do You Like Political Discussions On Mylot

I do, even though I must confess that I seem to be in a minority when it comes to my political opinions about the United States. Although I have to admit that I wonder why these folks get so angry with an opinion that differs from their own. Heck, if it wasn't for differing opinions, the U.S. national anthem would be God [...]

Will The Lack Of My Voting Make A Difference

I have been sitting here for the past few days thinking about the upcoming election and I can't help but think I can't get behind any of the candidates, and don't like any of the candidates that are running. So needless to say I'm really wondering if I would be just best to sit the election out before I vote for someone [...]

B Carved On Face!

I wasn't sure if this really fit into this interest or not, but for lack of a better place here it is. I was hearing about this alleged attack on a McCain volunteer, yesterday. And I have a few questions. So to be completely fair about buying quality Halex Foosball Tables, I am asking this in hopes that someone may have more info than I was able to find. 1) [...]

Did God Tell Bush To Attack Iraq

President Bush has been quoted as saying that God told him to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. Did he really say this or is someone saying it as a joke? Are there anyone here who would believe him if he said it? Does anyone think that God would tell us to go to war and kill millions of innocent people? I see this is vastly [...]

Would You Rather Be Kept Alive By A Machine Or Go When You Believe Its Time

There's a discussion on this board regarding the "end of life counseling" that is in Obama's healtcare bill which has been twisted to make it appear that the Elderly will be encouraged to simply "die" like they did on Star Wars . I don't know how one can just up and die for no reason...and I saw nothing when I took the time to read the bill that [...]

Sarah Palin Stepping Down As Governor Of Alaska!

This news is so new I have no link to post at this time but it's been announced that Sarah Palin will be stepping down as Governor of Alaska in a few weeks and will not seek reelection. First it was announced that she wasn't seeking a second term but then moments later it came out that she's actually stepping down [...] | UAB Online